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Value Wines: $20 and Under

If you are looking for some amazing wines under $20, consider taking your palate across the Atlantic.

Shimmering Gold

Sparkling wine and fried food make a decadent pairing for Valentine’s Day or Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s why.

2023 Wine Days and Months

Did you know there are almost 50 reasons to drink wine this year? Put these dates on your calendar!

A to Z Wine Journey

Our local wine shop, Tacoma Wine Merchants, is hosting an alphabetical journey through the world of wine. Every two weeks, they will feature a different varietal or region that sequentially follows each letter of the alphabet. As a participant in this journey, I will… Continue Reading “A to Z Wine Journey”

“G” is for Grenache

After being underwhelmed with the last wine, I was elated that the next one—a Grenache from Spain—was not only one of my favorite varietals, but also from a region I love. The perfect marriage!

What to sip on during “SIP”

I wonder if whoever came up with the phrase “shelter-in-place” chose it for the fact that its acronym is SIP? It’s almost like an invitation to drink wine.