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ReprisEvery wine encounter is an adventure. Whether you are drinking it at home, a wine tasting, or on the vineyards from where it comes, wine has the power to elicit cherished memories from the past or create new ones. It has a gift for creating good conversation and encouraging new friendships. Most of all, wine demands to be shared and talked about. It was for all these reasons I created Vino Voyager.

Through a collection of varied posts, I share wine reviews, reflections from wine tastings, stories about winery visits, and pretty much anything that involves an opportunity to talk about wine. And, since it is from my personal standpoint, everything presented here is subjective. That being said, I welcome and encourage opposing opinions, dialog, and comments on any of these posts. To me, that is what makes wine so much fun! It’s all about good conversation created by different opinions, perspectives, and stories.

So what makes me qualified to write about wine? Pretty much the same thing that makes anyone else qualified to run a blog. Passion. Although my profession has been focused on software and technology, I am unapologetic about my passion for wine. I have visited hundreds of wineries, worked in a tasting room, attended countless wine tastings, and have hosted several wine events through Wines4Causes, an organization my husband and I started many years ago in support of charitable organizations. When I travel, wine always plays a significant role in my adventures. And, I like to be inclusive when it comes to drinking wine. In other words, I appreciate variety and can find wine from any spectrum of price points, regions, vintages, and varietals that are worthy of a Tweet, Instagram, Share, Like, etc.

I hope you you enjoy reading about these wine adventures as much as I have taken pleasure in writing about them. Thanks for visiting and participating in the journey!

Megan Andrews



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