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Whether you’re simply popping a bottle at home, enjoying it in the vineyards where it was produced, or sipping a glass at a faraway destination, wine is an adventure just waiting to unfold. Vino Voyager is all about creating community and telling stories about a passion so many of us have in common!

What we’ve been sipping and doing lately

We follow the glass half full sort of mindset, and it’s pretty easy when there are so many wines to enjoy. Here’s what we’ve been recently drinking. Click on any of them to see more and join the conversation on Instagram.

Things we love and other trends

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Albariño Amarone A to Z Challenge Blend bordeaux Brunello Budget Friendly Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon Cava Chardonnay Chenin Blanc College Cellars Dos Cabezas Dry Rose Elk Cove Flying Leap foodies Goose Ridge Grenache Loire Valley Malbec Merlot Mourvèdre Muscadet Pepperbridge Petite Sirah Petit Verdot Pinot Gris Pinot Noir Rhone Rioja Sauvignon Blanc Savannah Sonoita Sparkling Wine Syrah Tempranillo Tucson txakolina Willamette Valley Willcox Wine Event Winery Review Zinfandel

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Hi, I’m Megan. Let me start out by saying that I’m unapologetic about my passion for wine. When I travel, wine always plays a significant role in my adventures. I love to explore whatever the locale I’m visiting has to offer. Read more

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