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About Vino Voyager

Wherever I travel, I use that as an opportunity to learn about the history, terroir, and marriage of food and wine that defines that region. Through a collection of varied posts, I share wine reviews, reflections from wine tastings, stories about winery visits, and pretty much anything that involves an opportunity to talk about wine.

I truly believe that everyone has a different palate. Just because a wine critic is amazed by a particular wine doesn’t mean you have to love it, too. It’s really all about what YOU like. Our wine world is so expansive, so there is something for everyone. To me, that is what makes wine so much fun! It’s all about good conversation and debate created by different opinions, perspectives, and stories.

So what makes me qualified to write about wine? Passion. Although my day job is about technology and data analytics, I have visited hundreds of wineries and I study and participate in as many learning opportunities as I can. While I’m not an expert, I did achieve the first level certification of the Court of Master Sommelier’s educational program.

I hope you you enjoy reading about these wine adventures as much as I have taken pleasure in writing about them. Thanks for visiting and participating in the journey!

Megan Andrews

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