Wining Out

Somehow, whenever my husband and I go out to dinner, our wine tab often exceeds our food tab. It’s simply the perils of loving wine. So, when we dine out, we focus on getting the best wine value we can for our budget and meal selections. Sometimes this means cutting the wine price down, and other times it could mean spending a bit more but getting a higher quality wine. Here are some things to consider when you order that next bottle of wine (or glass) out.

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Manage Your Cellar with Ease

Tired of using Excel to track the wines in your cellar and want something a bit more…sophisticated? As a recovering Excel user who switched to¬†Cellar Tracker (CT) five years ago, I’ve never looked back. If you are looking for an easy tool to manage your cellar, I recommend checking it out. It’s life changing, and here’s why…

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