“A” is for Albariño

An A to Z Wine Journey

Our local wine shop, Tacoma Wine Merchants, is hosting an alphabetical journey through the world of wine. Every two weeks beginning in early October, they will feature a different varietal or region that sequentially follows each letter of the alphabet. As a participant in this journey, I will pick up a bottle of the selected wine, and pair it with either an appetizer or a meal and report back to you all here.

I am definitely aging myself when I say this educational wine adventure brings back memories of early childhood school days learning the alphabet by way of 26 oversized workbooks, each with a large glittery letter on the front and all things about that letter inside. Hoping some of you may relate to that! So back to school we go, but this time accompanied by some fine adult beverages. Please feel free to follow along on this fun 26-bottle series.

Rob and Kelly, the shop owners, decided to kick off the journey with Albariño, which is a dry white wine from the Rias Baixas (ree-ahs-buy-shuss) region of Spain, located on the Galician coastline. Albariño often has floral and fruit aromatics, a crisp raciness to it, and typically some minerality on the palate, courtesy of the granite bedrock in the region. If you like the dryness and body of a Sauvignon Blanc, give Albariño a try.

The particular Albariño Rob and Kelly chose is the 2019 Eladio Pineiro Albarino “Envidia Cochina.” Light golden yellow in color, it has lots of juicy pear and citrus notes, and a creamy mouthfeel, which was a pleasant surprise. As it opened, the pear became more pronounced, but it still had a nice level of acidity.

We really enjoyed the elegance and versatility the wine offered as we went from sipping it alone, to pairing it with some goat cheese, and then onto our main course. Given its coastal residence, Albariño pairs nicely with seafood so we put some salmon on a cedar plank and grilled it. This may be a bit bolder of a seafood option, and while it was a nice match, I might also suggest a briny clam linguine.

Albariño can be found at most retailers or online. Another one that I have always enjoyed is Val Do Sosego, a good value wine that I regularly purchase at Total Wine.

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