White is the New Red

Yeah, we know. White wines just taste better in the summer. It’s not even spring yet, so what gives? We have a basic rule around here. Whites before sunset, reds after dark. That means we’re always looking for a good white, especially an unoaked one. So, this brings us to Spain, specifically the Rίas Baixas region.

The white we are LOVING right now is the Val Do Sosego Albariño. Our taste for Albariño was nurtured on a trip to Spain last year, where we found the tart, crisp, Albarinoclean notes made for a great sipping wine during late afternoon breaks. The Val Do Sosego, in particular, has more going on than others we’ve tried. It starts with a fresh, bright aroma and then delivers a wonderful combination of stone fruits, citrus and apple all in one juicy mouthful that lingers!

Don’t let the color of the bottle deceive you. It’s the first one I’ve ever seen that is brown, which isn’t very appealing in my opinion. But the wine definitely delivers. And what’s even better…we scored it for under $15 at Total Wine.

Let’s All Say it Together: ree-ahs-buy-shuss

The Rίas Baixas region is in the northwestern part of Spain, along the Atlantic coastline. It is considered to be the greenest part of Spain, due in large part to the cool conditions ushered in by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a relatively young DO (Denominaciones de Origen), or what we more commonly refer to here as wine appellations. Albariño makes up about 90% of the plantings of the Rίas Baixas region.

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