And Then There Were Three

Whittling down 35 or more wines down to three favorites is an art and science. That is what we did at a recent wine tasting at Morton’s in Fort Lauderdale that featured wines representing multiple varietals and regions. We tried just about all of them, initially narrowing down our preferences to about eight, but then we ultimately landed on our top three faves to whom we wanted to give a shout out.

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Want to Tango?

This vino voyage takes us to Argentina, well, not physically, but at least in mind, spirit, and taste. Five of us who live in the same neighborhood decided we wanted to break out of our comfort zones. It came about because one of us—ahem—seems to bring to dinner the same two wines over and over again. You know who you are. It’s not that we’re being judgy, we just thought it was time to add some new dance moves to our line-up.

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