Savoring Spanish Wines at SAVBOR

I love wine from Spain. So, when opportunity presents itself to attend an industry wine tasting event featuring everything Spanish, there is no arm twisting necessary, even if it does mean traveling south on treacherous I95 to get to Miami. But that’s what LYFT is for. And, with half-price weekday rides, the plan crumbled together beautifully. It was game on for me and two other passionate wine reviewers.

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Tuscan and Piedmont Tasting Adventure

Ah, Italian wines. Don’t they just conjure up romantic images of rolling vineyards that spread for miles across the countryside, with the soft glow of orange light shimmering through the olive trees at sunset? Or maybe it’s Dean Martin crooning away in a small cafe with tables covered in red and white checkered tablecloths. Whatever the imagery, wine and Italy just go together.

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Stimulating the Senses with Sake

Recently, I was offered a unique invitation to attend an exclusive sake tasting hosted by the Consulate General of Japan in Miami and the Sake Export Association. To be honest, I’ve probably only consumed one or two glasses of sake in my life. I just haven’t known enough about sake, so it has always been outside the periphery of my comfort zone. That said, this rare opportunity could not have come at a better time.

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