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Other Wine Projects

We partner with wineries, distributors and retailers to create wine tasting experiences that are engaging and educational. You get to taste and experience wines just as though you were at a tasting room. And, even more important, you are supporting a worthy cause. These events increase wine enthusiasts awareness of selected wineries while raising funds for these organizations.

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Voyager Wines

In partnership with Cindy Cosco of Passaggio Wines, we produced our first barrel of wine, a 2018 Petite Verdot from the Hux Vineyard in Lodi, CA. With only 25 cases, we had a limited special friends and family offering, and tucked away a couple of cases for ourselves! Sadly, due to COVID, we were unable to get as involved in the production of it as we would have liked. We are continually asked if we will do it again…jury is still out!

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