2023 Wine Days and Months

Did you know there are almost 50 dedicated days and months to celebrate wine in 2023? Not that we exactly need designated dates to drink wine, but this makes it feel more official and acceptable, right? Mark your calendars for the following dates.


The month of January is a bit sparse, maybe because many practice a dry January. However, who doesn’t need a little “hair of the dog” after an overindulgent NYE, and another day to pop open a bottle of bubbles, as if you didn’t have enough over the holidays!

  • 1: National Bloody Mary Day (to cure those hangovers!)
  • 10: Champagne and French Fry day


Don’t you just love that Valentine’s Day offers a reason to pop open a great bottle, even if you aren’t a believer in the holiday!

  • 1: International Furmint Day (Furmint is the most widely grape grown in the Tokaj wine region in Hungary)
  • 14: Wine Lover’s Day
  • 16: International Syrah Day
  • 18: Global Drink Wine Day
  • 26: Open that Bottle Night


March is short on wine holidays, however, Washington state has dedicated the entire month of March to celebrate wines from its various regions. So, technically, every day of March could be a wine holiday!

  • 3: Mulled Wine Day (not sure why this isn’t during the holidays, but so be it)
  • 13: National Riesling Day


If you haven’t tried wine from British Columbia, April is a great time to do so. BC has spoken for the entire month! And, there are some other unique varietals to add to your menu this month.

  • 14: Tannat Day
  • 17: Malbec World Day
  • 23: International Cava Day
  • 29: International Viognier Day


So, both Oregon and Finger Lakes (upstate New York area) have claimed the month of May. As an Oregon Chardonnay fan, I definitely foresee a Willamette Valley Chardonnay on my table on May 26.

  • 6: International Sauvignon Blanc Day
  • 9: World Moscato Day
  • 17: National Pinot Grigio Day
  • 25: National Wine Day
  • 26: Chardonnay Day


You can start the month of June off early since June 4 is national cheese day. Just choose your favorite cheese and wine pairing. Then, continue with some great whites and a rosé. The month concludes with Lambrusco, a semi-sparkling, frizzante, style red.

  • 9: World Verdejo Day
  • 11: International Rosé Day
  • 16: Drink Chenin Blanc Day (there is technically not a set date, but it is typically the third week of June).
  • 21: World Lambrusco Day


July offers another opportunity to pair wine and cheese, maybe because it’s just such a delectable combination. I also heard somewhere that the first week of July is dedicated to sparkling wine. Maybe it’s to commemorate sparkling fireworks that blaze the sky on July 4. Who knows. Regardless, I’ll take any excuse to open up some bubbly!

  • 25: National Wine and Cheese Day
  • 28: Shiraz Day


Washington state has designated yet another month to celebrate its wine. So whatever you didn’t get to in March, calendar it for the month of August. Plus, there are lots of others to put on your list.

  • 1: International Albariño Day
  • 4: National White Wine Day
  • 13: National Prosecco Day
  • 18: International Pinot Noir Day
  • 28: International Red Wine Day


It just feels right that the month that ushers in Fall also brings us the opportunity to open some juicy reds.

  • 2: International Cabernet Day
  • 16: International Grenache Day


Not a lot is happening on the wine front in October, with the exception of a couple of outliers. But with the football season in full force, sprinkle in some tailgating libations throughout the month like frothy beers and mixed drinks.

  • 8: International Pinotage Day
  • 29: Carignan Day


Oh, so many days of wine to enjoy in November! And, you can be a virtual world traveler, too. You can relish Greece on the first day of the month, Spain on the 10th, France on the 17th and Chile on the 24th!

  • 1: International Xinomavro Day
  • 7: International Merlot Day
  • 10: International Tempranillo Day
  • 17: National Zinfandel Day
  • 17: Beaujolais Nouveau Day
  • 24: World Carménère Day


As the year comes to a close, it’s fitting that the last day of the month would be another day of bubbles.

  • 4: Cabernet Franc Day
  • 20: Sangria Day
  • 31: National Champagne Day

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