2020 Wine Days

Did you know there are almost 30 international drink wine days in 2020? Not that we exactly need designated days to drink wine, but this makes it feel more official and acceptable, right? Mark your calendars for the following dates. Oh, and since there are no “official” drink wine days in January and July, I created special Vino Voyager days to fill in the gap. On those days, gather some friends, open some bottles, and find a new favorite.

Below is the “calendar of reason,” or, I mean, days for you to celebrate all year long.


  • 18: Vino Voyager Taste that Wine Day


  • 18: Global Drink Wine Day
  • 29: Open that Bottle Night


  • 3: Mulled Wine Day (not sure why this isn’t during the holidays, but so be it)


  • 17: Malbec World Day


  • 1: International Sauvignon Blanc Day
  • 9: World Moscato Day
  • 21: International Chardonnay Day


  • 21: Lambrusco Day
  • 26: International Rosé Day


  • 18: Vino Voyager Taste that Wine Day


  • 1-5: International Albariño Days
  • 4: National White Wine Day (open something other than an Albariño!)
  • 18: International Pinot Noir Day


  • 3: International Cabernet Day
  • 18: International Grenache Day


  • 10: International Pinotage Day
  • 16: Champagne Day
  • 29: Carignan Day


  • 1: International Xinomavro Day
  • 7: International Merlot Day
  • 12: International Tempranillo Day
  • 18: National Zinfandel Day
  • 19: Beaujolais Nouveau Day
  • 24: Carménère Day


  • 4: Cabernet Franc Day
  • 20: Sangria Day

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