Blinded by the Banks of Bordeaux

Getting to know French wine is kind of like dating. In the beginning, making the right choice amongst so many options can be paralyzing. There is anxiety, perplexing decisions, and confusion. I mean, let’s face it, the labels alone on French wine practically need a decoder with their hard-to-pronounce names and lack of grape varietal. But with patience and persistence, the early feelings of trepidation turn into delight and familiarity, albeit challenge can still be ever present. That said, our local neighborhood wine groupies decided it was time to have a love affair with French wine.

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Wining and Dining with Sbragia

Back in early 2010, my husband and I visited Sbragia Family Vineyards, nestled up in a hillside overlooking the Dry Creek Valley. We were visiting on a beautiful spring afternoon and were in awe of the views and beautiful property. We bought wine that day and even though we consumed it long ago, I still have record of it, thanks to my OCD when it comes to wine tracking. But more on that later.

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